Pros and Cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Should a seller hire their own home inspector? Some homeowners will ask their real estate agent if getting their home inspected before they list is a good idea. There are more good reasons than not. Some of the pros are as a seller you realize most buyers will have an inspection prior to purchasing your home. A pre-listing home inspection gives you the advantage of finding out the

condition of your property. One of the largest concerns of selling your home is the discovery of something that will kill the sale. But, as the seller, you do not have to wait for the buyer’s inspection. You can be ahead of any issues by having your own inspection done. This will also make pricing your home easier by knowing the exact condition. Selling your home can be

stressful. Knowing your home’s condition may reduce worrying that the deal will fall through because something turns up during an inspection. This will allow you to make necessary repairs prior to this happening. This will also reduce the chance of repair negotiations.

Some cons for having an inspection are you will have to pay for this service. Also, you may have to disclose issues that were discovered if you choose to not make necessary repairs. If you do not have the money to make repairs, they can be disclosed up front. Also, there will be two inspections if a buyer chooses to have an inspection. Even if you have your own inspection, don’t assume the buyer’s inspection won’t turn up something not found during your inspection. Inspectors are individuals and opinions vary on what is an issue and what is not. For some sellers, having a pre-listing inspection makes sense. I suggest speaking to your agent and get their thoughts if doing this is a good idea.

Contributed by: Sterling Home Inspection Services


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